19 April 2008

Wedding Site

Ok... i know it's been a really long time since i've updated, but here's the latest news...

we have our Wedding Website done, so you can RSVP, leave a message on the guestbook, AND check out the site for fun :)

the link to the site is:


hope you enjoy! :)


26 March 2008

A Whole New Chapter in Life...

So much going on! wow...

ok, so cool things happening... the date is set. the church is booked, the reception location is booked. the minister is on board, and we have finished our FIRST wedding registry :) we have a Pampered Chef registry now! exciting, huh? i think we're going to go work on the registries at actual stores next weekend. so that should be fun!
ALSO... we bought our first BED today!!!! well, actually aaron's mom did... :) she had a gift certificate for Rooms to Go, and she let us use it to get our new bed set! so we have a KINGSIZE pillowtop posture-pedic bed! holla!

anyways... lots going on...

the golden date is: August 30, 2008! SAVE IT!!!

p.s. please email me your email and snail mail address as soon as you can! thanks everybody!
my email is: deniseborel@gmail.com


23 March 2008

Back in Denton :)

why is my body still not used to this time change...?
it's only nine thirty pm here in texas, yet my body still thinks that it's 3:30am...
i'm always ready for sleep...
i hope to go to sleep soon.

also, planning a wedding and contemplating all of our options... stressful.
so many options and such... :/

wedding ceremony or no... only reception?
back and forth... if we didnt do the ceremony, what do we do instead?
i dont know anything about weddings... i dont need to stress out...

sleep is good. :)

20 March 2008

back in the states. part I

well, i'm back in the united states for the first time in two months. one of my bags was left in madrid. we dont know where it is. maybe still in the taxi? gone forever? who knows. hope it wasnt important...
we are in atlanta. we've been here for quite a few hours now. had some dinner at TGIFridays here at the airport, and we're waiting to be cleared onto a flight to dallas/ft worth. it's impossible. we'll probably be sleeping in the airport tonight. so that should be good, eh? :)
anyways. i'm sorry if you are one of the people whose souvenir was in the lost bag. it sucks. Gooch, don't worry. your jersey is in a checked bag. not in the lost one :) i'm 95% sure :) haha.
ok... on to wait more.
please pray for patience. today is a trying day.

18 March 2008

Engagement Story to Come

please stay tuned for the entirety of the Engagement Story. I promise that I will post it as soon as I get a few minutes alone with my computer so that I can get it all typed up! I promise!!! Our plane leaves Madrid around 10am tomorrow morning (about 12 hours from now), so I'll be back in the states within a day or two with time that I can use!
We love you guys and can't wait to see you all again!!!

16 March 2008

Engagement Photos!!!

Place: El Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid, Espana
Date: March 15, 2008

I'll post the story when i have more time, but i wanted to put up some pictures for you guys at least!!! :) :) :)

12 March 2008

Barcelona Snapshots

on the way up to the Gotti Park... i forget the real name of it... the floor just inside the door of this little cathedral/chapel...

pigeons!!! (they're too high up to kick... so i took a picture instead. hahaha) :) i like it.

i thought i would share a few of my favoirte pics from our Barcelona trip this past weekend. i'll put all of them up on Facebook at some point in time...haha. that is slow going there, though, as you know :)

well, never mind. stupid internet disconnected. now i can't post them... you only get these three... oh well... whatev! lindsey and aaron are coming!!!!!!!
hope you're having a great day!!!

Aaron and Lindsey are on a plane...as i type this... YES!

Madrid, Spain
La Casa de Santibanez
El 11 de Marzo, 2008
5:16pm (11:16am Denton time)

Haha. Ok. So in an email that my mom sent me today (well, I didn’t get it until today… I’m actually not sure when it was sent…) she said that even though Aaron and Lindsey are coming, I’m not allowed to skimp on the updates.  I’ll do my very best to keep up with the updates. Although, if I am not very good at it, please keep in mind that I will be pretty much homeless from Friday morning until the end of my stay here in Madrid…so…if there is any delay, know that the reason is only that I don’t have the means of getting a post out.  BUT…I will do my best! Promise! 
I am so glad they are coming!!! Lord willing, of course. They ARE flying standby, the week before spring break…which also happens to be the week before holy week…so…yeah. It may be a tough thing for them to get out of the states, or even dallas, but I’m definitely praying hardcore every second that I think about it (which is a lot…haha), and I really hope that God wants them to come, because if he does…then they will. Fo sho! 
Ok. So. Living arrangements. Since I can’t stay at our house, I will be packing all of my belongings between now and Thursday night (when, Lord willing, AP and Linds are here to give me extra luggage to pack in…), and then I will leave the house when the family leaves on Friday morning. I will take my things to either the hostel, or maybe just to Cait’s to hang on to them until I leave (actually, taking them to Cait’s would probably be a much better idea. And safer…ok. Good idea.).
I have reservations at the same hostel as Lindsey and Aaron for Friday night and Saturday night. Then they didn’t have openings at the hostel for Sunday or Monday, so I will be staying with Caitlin those nights (maybe all of us will stay those nights? Breakfast on the terrace in the mornings? That sounds phenomenal. We talked about it a little today…), and then I have reservations at the hostel with AP and Lindsey for Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Then Thursday the tree of us will head back to the ol’ United States of America! SO WEIRD! I’m coming home in nine days??? So unreal right now…
Anyways. so that will be cool if we stay at her house for a couple of nights. That will save them a little cash to spend on food and souvenirs and stuff! We should definitely plan that for sure in the next day or two so that we can let the hostel know if we’re not staying those two nights so that we can get our (well, I can get my ) money back! 
So, to say the VERY least… I am so excited I could just burst at the seams right now. My last week in Spain will be spent with three of my favorite people on the face of the planet, and then I will be going home to see the rest of you very soon thereafter!
Also, I would just like to thank those of you who have been praying for my Mom-Maw. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, my grandmother found out a few weeks ago, that she had breast cancer, and she was going to be undergoing surgery sort of what I had done last September, to get the tumor out, and a bit of tissue surrounding it. They expected the surgery to go well, and for that to be the end of the cancer. So far, it looks like it worked. The surgery was last week, and she is doing so well. I keep getting updates from my mom and aunt, and I even got an email from Mom-Maw today  she sounds like she’s doing great. What a trooper!  AND my Pop-Pop, or so I hear, is just about the best nurse anyone could ask for! Pop-Pop, next time I’m sick, I expect you to be my nurse! I want some of that first class treatment too!  jk. She is great and he is great and all is well. Thank you, Lord, so so so so so so so so much. I love those two more than many people on this planet. They are so special to me. I am so thankful to have them in my life. They will never know how much!!! Never ever ever.
I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! And I can’t wait to see you when you come out for Christopher’s graduation this spring! 
Ok. Well, the kiddos just got home, and I need to go freshen up before we have class. I love you all, and hopefully I’ll get to see you very soon! 
Oh, p.s. I got to upload another album on facebook today.
Some of you are asking how to be able to see those pictures. Well, here you go:

1. go to www.facebook.com
2. make yourself a profile. It’s kind of like myspace, etc. only I think it’s better. It’s a great way to keep in touch with people all over the world. Seriously. A great networking tool!
3. once you’ve made your profile, log in and you can search for your friends. You can search by name or email address.
4. search for my name.
5. it should pull up a number of similar names, and it will show you the profile pictures, too. Find my picture, and click on the link that says “Send Friend Request”. I think that’s what it says, anyways…
6. once you’ve sent me a friend request, it will let me know that you want to be my friend, the next time I log onto facebook.
7. when I accept your friend request, we will be able to see each other’s pictures, profiles, etc.

so, there you have it! Good luck! Hope to see you all on facebook soon! 
love, Denisie

later: 11:40pm Madrid time (5:40pm Denton time)

ugh! I love these kids. Seriously. I’m going to miss them so much!  veronica didn’t have homework tonight, so after dinner we got to just hang out in my room  she helped me wrap some of the souvenir gifts I’m taking back with me, and we watched “Elf” while I packed a little more. It’s so hard to pack when you still need to use most of your stuff! 
OH! And tomorrow morning I’m going to cook breakfast for everyone! The kids go down for breakfast at 9:00, so It’ll be an early morning for me since I need to shower. Desparately. Haha. Maybe that will wait until after breakfast. Haha 
I’m going to make them my mom’s most awesome stove-top biscuits in the world, and my favorite scrambled eggs with cheese  yeah! The only problems are: 1. I don’t remember exactly how long those biscuits take to make… and 2. I don’t know if they have self rising flour… shoot. I don’t remember how much salt/baking powder to use instead of self rising flour… or is it baking soda…haha shoot! Oh! I’ll call my mom. Ok. Gotta go do that! Hopefully she can answer! It’s only like 6pm there. I’m thrown off because of the time change. The time didn’t change here. Only in the US time zones or something. Spain’s time change happens later on some time… so now we’re only SIX hours ahead of you instead of seven  whoops?  six is good though! Hopefully they’re not in the middle of dinner! It’s strange that we eat three hours later here… lucky Texans!  haha.
Ok. Gotta go call mom!!!! Peace!

Shoot. My phone card is used up! UGH! Stupid phone cards. I had like 40 minutes on it last time I used it. I definitely didn’t talk for 40 minutes. More like 5 minutes. Blast. Stupid card… well, hope they turn out okay! Haha. We’lll see…